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What’s new you ask? Just about everything! Of course we have changed our .net status to a .com status. But moreover we have completely changed the structure and inner workings of our website. With these significant changes, our website is more searchable, navigable, indexable, and shareable, than ever before. We are adding new content weekly to reach more people’s’ reading interests. In addition, of course, to our monthly print publication, The Oregon Senior News.

Although we have regularly carried articles in our publication of interest to Seniors, in the categories of health, money, and lifestyle, we believe that reading is healthy.  Life should be fun, and we never stop learning!  Remember Dick Tracy, Bat Masterson, Richard Halliburton adventure stories and pulp fictionmysteries, stories of the old West, and science fiction?  Well, you will find them all here, at Oregon Senior News, in addition to historical photographs and illustrations.

Richard Halliburton pictured with his Ocelot

Oregon Senior News brings alive again stories of Oregon’s history as well as stories of this young nation, and quotes from writers such as Mark Twain and Josh Billings, who used to make a living by travelling extensively,  relating their tales to crowds of people.

Since our very first issue of September 2013, Oregon Senior News has posted every paper produced, available on our website.  From the inception of this publication, we could see the benefit for online viewing access to our readers. Seniors and otherwise too.

And now, with our “New” responsive website theme, viewing archived issues Online has never been easier. Our software will automatically adapt for you to view the website with most PC’s,  laptops and/or portable devices. Additionally, our upgraded viewing software gives you more control than ever over reading, sharing, viewing, downloading, and text searching every Online edition! Just another way of keeping readers engaged and sharing the wonderful FREE content our publication has to offer.

Advertisers? We’ve got you covered! Our website is SEO charged and ready to reach your Senior Market Niche with more ways and options available for advertisers than previously offered. Various ad sizes, placement, and prices ranges to meet most any advertisers’ budget. Check us out and SEE!

So what are you waiting for, Seniors? Click here and start READING!