We are on the brink of October

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We are on the brink of October, and many of Oregon’s fires are under control.  Many more are still listed as large, active fires.  Here, on the temperate coast of Oregon, we have had a smattering of blessed rain which reduces the danger of new fires.

The October issue promises to be a doozy!  We have extended the paper four more pages to allow for additional stories.  You will find several spooky Halloween stories coming up, as well as Shinan Barclay’s talented tales about holidays and Autumn harvest.  The final installment of The Star of Oregon, by Oregon author Tom Mitchell, will be included, as well as Part II of the historical tale of a shootout in Gold Beach.  Dick Tracy jumps out of a plane, and the first installment of The Bushwhack Bargain, a rollicking story of the old west begins.

As always, we welcome emailed photographs of old Oregon history or of scenic imagery from all over the World.  We recognize and appreciate that not only our Oregon residents visit this website, but many friends located worldwide.

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