The Senior Buzz February 2018 E-edition

Welcome to “The Senior Buzz”! Our primary objective is educating and Humanizing the use of Cannabis for Seniors. Covering informative and educational articles, recipes to use Cannabis in your daily life style such as soups, salads, main dishes, and of course desert! Exploring the proper Medicinal use for Cannabis for pain management and health disorders, and real life testimonials on how turning to Medicinal Cannabis changed Seniors health and quality of life.

Advertisers, we’ve got you covered. The Senior Buzz is soon to be the best advertising vehicle available to reach your Senior Market. We are currently using Oregon Senior News as delivery vehicle but we can also distribute independently from the Senior News as well.

 We have affordable and competitive advertising rates to fit most any small budget, starting for as little as $60 per month for a color print ad. Feel free to contact our friendly staff and request a digital copy of our Media Kit. We will also be offering monthly advertising specials so be sure to check back often.

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Gorillas Garden Supply

Gorillas Garden Supply