October Updates

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October has brought our usual Oregon rain, wind, foggy mornings and cooler weather.  We are hoping that you are enjoying our spooky Halloween issue of Oregon Senior News.  This issue was extended another four pages to allow for longer stories.

For November, we are busy working on the final installment  of The Bushwhack Bargain, a rollicking story of the old west, and a good representation of pulp fiction which, in days gone by, was gobbled up by readers hungry for the next issue.  The name “pulp fiction” originally came from the construction of magazines on cheap wood pulp paper, so to reach maximum distribution to avid readers of fast-paced, entertaining stories.  This literature was published from 1896 to roughly the 1950’s (Wikipedia.com).  Because it was “mass produced”, there are grammatical errors, some stories more than others, which we include to honor the integrity of the original document.  The majority of pulp fiction is not under copyright.  Most of this literature is not available on the internet, so the stories must be made available on OSN by keyboarding (or “typing”) the entire story into place so to be made available to you, our readers.   Oregon Senior News is a family business, so picture one of us at a computer, assembling next month’s issue, with a table stacked with old books all around, and a cup of coffee nearby.  Many old books, such as Dick Tracy, have crumbling pages, and between excerpts, has to be kept in a handy plastic bag to protect it.  We have a small collection of the old “Big Little” hardcover books, originally published by Whitman Publishing for a mere 10 cents.  These books are only about 3 inches high.  My grandmother had a collection of them and they are a wonderful “read”.

We love to reproduce articles from old Oregon Newspapers, and you can generally find these by looking for the newspaper-print, “yellowed” background upon which they are printed.  Oregon history is also a large part of Oregon Senior News, and we are constantly on the lookout for historical articles illustrating our unique heritage.

Shinan Barclay is one of our regular writers, and how talented she is!  Her stories are so down-to-earth,  that we love to share them with you, our readers.  Her talent for creating a memory, a scene, an emotion in the reader is unique and refreshing.  She has many followers on her Facebook page.

We remain surprised and humbled by the response to our publication and although many of you read Oregon Senior News on the website, we also publish over 10,000 hard copies of the paper each month, which are distributed all over Oregon.  If we have learned anything from this venture, it is that people still love to read.

As always, we welcome emailed photographs of old Oregon history or of scenic imagery from all over the World.  We recognize and appreciate that not only our Oregon residents visit this website, but many friends located worldwide.

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