October 2015 E-edition-Oregon Senior News

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October 2015 is another large paper, boasting 36 pages, covering the Oregon Coast from Florence to Bookings, and the Rogue River Valley from as far North as Creswell to Ashland on the Oregon/ California Border.

This 36 page edition is packed with the following great stories and topics; Highlights for October include, “Oregon Indian Prince was Japan’s introduction to the West”, by Finn John “Tarzan and The Golden Lion” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, continuation of “The Hurricane Kids on the Lost Islands, “How to choose a Lawyer to Represent You in a Disability Case” by Cheryl Coons, AAL, “Bat Masterson, Law Man of the untamed West” , “The Flying Carpet” by Richard Halliburton, “The Medical Corner” by Dr. Strong, DMD, “Tom Swift and the Photo Telephone” by Victor Appleton-Grosset & Dunlap, And don’t miss the newly added “Senior Real-estate Guide” and so much more!

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