It’s September, and Oregon is on fire!

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     Here on the coast, it is hot and humid and there is smoke in the air.  School is starting back up, so it is time to be extra careful driving.  We are told that we are experiencing some of the largest wildfires in thirteen years, and they are only 5% contained.













     The Chetco Bar fire has torched over 13,000 acres.  It has been predicted that October rain will finally put an end to the many wildfires.  As for now, air quality is hazardous.  Stay inside, and limit exposure for kids and pets.  It is hot, so drink lots of fluids.  Be safe, Oregon.

     They say a picture says a thousand words. The contrast in these two images, before and during the fire, is almost unimaginable.

Along the Columbia River Gorge. “Keep Portland Weird”. Image by James C. King