Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee and Silent Auction raises over $11,000 for Klamath County Library Foundation

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Downtown Klamath County Library

The final round of the 2017 Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee stretched long into the night at the Shilo Inn Ballroom on October 12th. Back and forth, U.S. Bank’s Truth In Spelling battled the Oratin’ Owls of Oregon Tech, spelling one ludicrously obscure word after another – but not quite achieving the two correct words in a row that they needed to win.

Finally, it was the Oregon Tech team of Christopher Syrnyk, Ben Bunting, and Karen Kunz who emerged victorious – in a state of such exhausted delirium they can’t even recall the winning word – but they weren’t the only winners that night.

The 2017 Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee and Silent Auction raised $11,346.95 for the Klamath County Library Foundation – $1,150 of which came from supporters in the audience who could “bribe the Queen Bee” with cash right there on the spot to allow a team through a round even though they misspelled a word.

The proceeds will go toward the Klamath County Library Foundation’s latest capital improvements project: an outdoor Educational Garden Deck on the Second Street side of the downtown Klamath County Library.

The Klamath County Library Foundation would like to thank all the Bee Team backers, event sponsors, auction item donors and volunteers: 12 Ranch Wines, Amerititle, Bullett Rentals, Cascades East Family Medicine Center, First Interstate Bank, the Friends of the Klamath County Library, the Herald & News, Hunter Communications, Ignited Ideas, Klamath Health Partnership, Modoc Contracting, My Mechanic, the Oregon Institute of Technology, the Oregon State University Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center, the Sky Lakes Medical Center Foundation, the Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center, U.S. Bank, Jo & Elmer Ogborn, the Linkville Players, the Ross Ragland Theater and Cultural Center, the Supreme Hager Ladies, the Wilson family and friends, Almond Aesthetics, Cliff Creek Cellars, Jennifer Cole, our emcee Charles Cossey, Jamie Douglass, Lee Garvin, our word pronouncer Paul Hanson, Renee Hernandez, Margaret Klein, Connie Masten, McKenzie Masten, Crystal Muneau, the Northside Garden Club, Tracy O’Dea, Kevin O’Neil, Amy Payne, Jeanette Rutherford, Nicole Sanchez, Shanna Simmons, Phil Studenberg, Tanja and Andy Swanson, and Bill Wood.

For more about the Klamath County Library Foundation, including information on how you can become a donor, visit