February 2016 E-edition-Oregon Senior News

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February 2016 E-edition of the Oregon Senior News

Our Valentines Day Issue. Covering the Oregon Coast from Florence to Brookings, and the Rogue River Valley from as far North as Creswell to Ashland on the Oregon/ California Border. Now covering Eugene and Springfield as well!

This 32 page edition is packed with the following great stories and topics; Highlights for Valentines issue 2016 include, “Garden Walk-About” by Shinan Barclay, “Governor Charles Martin Tried to run Oregon like an Army Base” by Finn J.D. John, “The Watch-birds” by Robert Sheckley, “The Reverse Insider, Understanding how a reverse mortgage works” by Matt Allen, “Nutritionally Speaking” by Yaakov Lavine N.P.T., “Tarzan and The Golden Lion” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, continuation of “Dick Tracy”, “Bat Masterson, Law Man of the untamed West”, and much, much more!

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