Coos Bay Creamery Circa 1910

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Located near the mouth of the Coos River on the Dan McIntosh Ranch, The Coos Bay Creamery Association was established in 1892 to provide dairy farmers with a centrally located creamery and cheese factory from where their products could be shipped to distant markets.

Coos Bay Creamery
Coos Bay Creamery near the mouth of Coos River

Later called the Coos Bay Mutual Creamery Company, The Coos Bay Creamery proved highly successful. Dan McIntosh was the first manager, and the operation of the factory remained in his family for over two decades. Even though the fire forced the creamery to close in 1919, by then Coos Bay had earned a wide spread reputation for its’ fine dairy products.

(CCHMM 992-8-0081 and CCHMM 988-P89)

Please visit the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum for more information on this subject.

Historical and Maritime Museum

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