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Dear Friends of Oregon Senior News:

We are approaching an exciting development with our newspaper.  In the past,
we paid an outside provider to format and ship the paper out of Tucson, Arizona.
As such, the paper itself was shipped to us via truck for distribution.  With our
wild and crazy weather this winter, the trucks have been subject to unanticipated
delays and thus delays in getting our paper out to you as quickly as we would
have liked.  We also have been told that Oregon Senior News is one of their
biggest customers, and perhaps we have simply “grown out of“ the capacity of
this provider to fulfill our orders timely.

Therefore, we are moving to an HTML format.  Using this format enables us to
seek bids from Oregon printers, who all print from the HTML format.  Therefore,
January and February will be a joined edition, counting as only one paper for the
subscribers, to enable us to learn the new format and convert Oregon Senior
News to it.  This really is a necessary step because we have expanded so quickly,
thanks to all of you and so many more who enjoy and read the paper!  Our
website shows people from all over the world access and read Oregon Senior
News, which is certainly surprising to us.

We are glad and very grateful that you enjoy our paper.  We have begun work with our New General Manager, Jim Newton, for advertising and distribution, who will make the whole
process easier for us to reach distribution centers along the coast. For more information regarding advertising and distribution, please contact Jim at 541-294-3036 or by e-mail at

Thank you so much for supporting us in this exciting change.We do wish to launch a newsection of the paper entitled: “I have a story.”  There are so many Oregonians who have wonderful and interesting stories to tell –
about their early life in Oregon, service in the military, and many, many more
topics of interest to our readers.  If you have a suggestion for an interview of
someone you know who has an interesting story, or have an interesting backstory yourself, please let us know by giving us a call, mailing us a letter, or contacting us via our website.

Again, our thanks, and wish us luck in learning this new formatting program.


Editors/Owners Oregon Senior News
Juli and David Upton

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