August 2014 E-edition-Oregon Senior News

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August 2014 E-edition-Oregon Senior News

Highlights for August include, “Memorable Smells” by Dr. Robert Nyvall,  “Rumors of Sunken Submarines. The Government Denies it but….” by  Finn J D. John Offbeat Oregon History, “Black Powder, Nitroglycerin, and Dynamite” History of the Dupont’s , the conclusion, by Juli Upton, “Meet North Bend Chief of Police Robert Kappelman”, “Tippi Hedren Talks “Marnie” at 50 and more” by Nick Thomas, “The Duchess of Baltimore” by Mickey Thompson, “Common Myths and Mistakes in Estate Planning” by Attorney Shirley Farmer,  “Nutritionally Speaking”, with Yaakov Lavine, NPT, “Twenty Tips to Help You Win Your Case for Social Security Disability Benefits” by Attorney Cheryl Coon, “Is it Time to Make the Move to Independent Living”? by Baycrest Village’s Director of Operations, Theresa Heis, , and so much more.

So what are you waiting for.  Oregon Senior News. Not Just For Seniors”!

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