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Why Target the Senior Market?

Today’s seniors are healthier, more active, and wealthier than any previous generation. With most of the needs of their younger peers, plus the unique needs arising from their age, seniors are perfect for targeted advertising that will put your company directly in front of this important and influential segment of the population.

It is easy to understand why advertisers are turning their sights away from younger consumers at a time when spending power is progressively more concentrated in the 50+ age group. Households 55-64 have more buying power per person than any other age group. Buying power has migrated from families with children to empty-nest, pre-retiree, and retired households.

Between our newspaper and our website, we have over 18,000 faithful followers per issue. Our coverage area begins as far North as Florence and extends as far South as Bandon, including Reedsport, Winchester Bay, Lakeside, North Bend, Coos Bay, Charleston, Coquille, and Bandon. And driving inland we distribute papers to Southerlin and Roseburg.

Regardless of where you currently advertise or how you generally target your customers, Oregon Senior News is a 100% Senior Market Hit! Let us help you reach that 50+ niche market as no other publication does!

Some Important Characteristics of Seniors

What is the financial condition of the senior population? The average net worth of senior households is almost twice that of the total population and the average net worth for married seniors ($173,950) is almost three times that of the total population. And in Oregon, Seniors are spending an average of $134,486,000 each month. 

Why is the senior population exploding?

  1. The baby boom generation is just entering its senior years.
  2. The death rate for older people has plummeted in the last 30 years (down 29% for men between ages 65-84 since 1982). This is due to generally healthier lifestyles, better medical care, and progress against heart disease and cancer.

Some additional information when advertising with Oregon Senior News:

Color vs Black and White, and preferred file type when submitting your ad:

Simple is better and at this time we are pleased to offer every ad price is a color ad. Why stay within the confines of a Black and White ad budget when you can advertise with Oregon Senior News in full color, for less money than you are paying elsewhere for a black and white ad!

When submitting your advertising file, we prefer PDF but we can accommodate jpeg, giff, and png type formats. Typically, the larger the file size you can provide, the higher the resolution your ad will be. Rule of thumb, as a large file is re-sized to a smaller size, resolution will increase, making a crisper, sharper ad for you!

Ad Sizes and Pricing:

Oregon Senior News  is printed in a four (4) column or printed area of 10 inch wide by 16 inch long format. Each column is 2.425 inches wide. Click on our Media Kit below for ad sizing and pricing per issue.

Oregon Senior News cannot guarantee advertising position requests but will make every attempt to accommodate advertisers. In most cases, the front and back pages are reserved for the use of Oregon Senior News. occasionally there may be openings on the front or rear page but will be subject to a 25% increase above the current advertised rate. We cannot guarantee that your competitive advertisers might not be on the preceding page or on the back of a customer’s advertisement, but, we will do our best to place unlike ads near one another and separate or distance the alike or competitive advertisements, as best we can. Again, all at the discretion of the publisher.

Henry Ford was once quoted saying;

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops the clock to save time.”             

Henry Ford

For sales call 541-982-2424:

E-mail: oregonseniornews@gmail.com

We are here for you! Please use the following form for further advertising information! 

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